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If you have to ask why, you'll never understand Gordon Tronson. There is no reason to build a twin-engine, 1,000-horsepower hot rod, by yourself, in your garage. If you can somehow make sense of that, try this: Unlike practically every other twin-engine car ever built - and there have been quite a few, from drag racers to street cars - the power plants in Tronson's car are mounted side-by-side. It's much easier to put them in-line, but Tronson doesn't do easy. Read More

Gordon Tronson, The Builder

Video of Gordon's Unique One-off Creations

Custom Chrome Catalog Cover

Gordon's creations on the 2014 cover of the Custom Chrome Catalog

Four Engine Harley Davidson Motorcycle

This Chopper boasts not two, but 4 (FOUR) Harley engines. There is no other Four-Engine Chopper in existance. Most two cylinder Harley Davidson engines put out about 80hp. Each of these Harley engines put out 100hp for a total of 400 horse power! There are 8 cylinder V8 engines mounted in Harleys, but Gordon is the only one to ever fabricate a Four Engine Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

Four Engine Chopper

If you can put 4 engines in a Harley, why not harness 4 blown engines in a 1960s hot rod?

This Ford Econoline Van boasts 4 (FOUR!) Blown Ford Racing Engines on display at SEMA 2015

Gordon's first project was an exotic... This Countach was built by Tronson from scratch using a 1/24 scale model as a guide. The Lamborghini Countach was a mid engined sports car produced by Italian automaker Lamborghini from 1974 to 1990. When he first saw pictures of it in the mid-seventies he knew he had to have one, so he built it himself. The mold was pulled from a wood buck that he formed by hand back in New Zealand. The buck was built in Canada in 1986. This is not a kit. He built it from scratch. He built a number of them. The car pictured in these photos was built and sold in 1992. Read More

Double Trouble 1927 Model T Roadster

1927 Model T Roadster

Totally built from scratch with just an idea, no drawings or models. One of a kind.

Chassis: Custom-built 1.5-inch tube. All tube bending by owner i.e. manual. Powdered coated gray.

Body: Fiberglass 1927 Model T painted Candy Apple Blue.

Independent front suspension: Unequal A-arms, coil over shocks, fabricated by owner.

Steering Box: Off road sand rail type rack and pinion.

Front Disk Brakes and Spindles: 90s Corvette.

Rear End: Jaguar, with inboard disc brakes.

Under floor brake and booster with 2lb residual valve front and back.

Mickey Thompson tires with Billet Specialties wheels 15x14 rear and 15x7 front.

Very cool steering wheel by CON2R, column shift.

Gas Tank: Custom made, rides in rear above rear end, Pro Comp electric fuel pump.

Engines: All aluminum Ford 4.6L modular V8s, DOHC, 32 valves,
Custom made supercharger manifolds with B&M Teflon superchargers and
Holley blower 4150 double pumper carburetors, with shotgun air cleaners.
Approx 1000HP

Ignition: Pro Com CD system, distributors are new magnetic pick/up type 1939 Ford flathead
V8s replicas, custom made adaptors on back of blocks driving through the valve cover
connecting to the overhead cam shaft on each motor via slotted end.

One starter motor per engine, which start both engines together.

Radiator: Custom made by Griffin Thermal Products. Built with two lower
outlets and two upper inlets around 7gls, one 16-inch electric fan.

Driveline: Gates 90mm by 14mm pitch Poly Chain GT Carbon via
steelsprockets and a custom machined 2inch spline shaft driving a 3spd Ford C5
automatic transmission. Custom built bell housing. Think of a triangle.
Machine work by Micar Fab Las Vegas.

Custom hand made windshield frame.
Other custom made parts by owner include exhaust system, headlight posts, dashboard,
pluming pipes, seat frame and door panels. All welding, engineering, wiring, pretty much
entire construction by owner.

The Owner/builder is Gordon Tronson of Las Vegas, Nevada.
He was originally a Hot Rodder from Napier, New Zealand.

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Double Trouble featured on the cover of "Heavy Duty Hot Rods" Magazine 2011

Gordon Tronson is also race car builder and owner of
Top Gun Down Under Racing
ChumpCar World Series Mustang Endurance Auto Racing Team

NEWS FLASH! - Double Trouble Hot Rod now has FOUR BLOWERS!

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For more information you can actually speak to "The Man" himself:
Gordon Tronson
Las Vegas, Nevada
Cell 702-521-5786

Gordon Tronson is also owner of the
Top Gun Down Under Racing Team
ChumpCar World Series Mustang Endurance Auto Racing Team

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